Preschool Room

Providing care for children 3 ½ – 5 years. In the preschool room, educators are passionate about our children, their happiness, development and learning. Educators take pride in valuing every child’s interest and believe that children learn through play.

Through implementing a play based learning curriculum that focuses on developing the individual strengths, needs and current interests of each child we create a fun filled environment where children learn at their own pace. One of the greatest benefits of playing is to assist with the development of social competence, children can build relationships, learn to resolve conflicts, negotiate and regulate their behaviours. In play, children usually have increased feelings of success and optimism as they act as their own agents and make their own choices. Playing is a known stress release; it is often linked to child wellbeing.

We provide the children with a large arrangement of child initiated open ended experiences that allow opportunities to explore, hypothesise, investigate and construct. The daily program is flexible and includes active indoor play, outdoor physical play, music, movement and creative arts and expression, the shelves are filled with activities children can self select and by providing interactive displays that reflect the children’s participation and learning promotes the sense of belonging.

Through working in partnerships with families, we collaboratively plan and work towards achieving goals that will assist your child in readiness for school and achieve EYLF outcomes for each child.

Preschool Room

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