Nursery Room

Providing care from 6 weeks to 2 years, our aim is to settle children into the nursery by providing a caring and nurturing environment filled with age appropriate equipment, toys and learning experiences.

We have four permanent Educators in the Nursery and our caring staff make every effort to develop secure attachments and nurturing relationships with each child, getting to know them individually, responding to their needs and forming attachment and bonds.

We aim to keep each child’s routine as close as possible to their home environment and encourage families to share knowledge of their child with staff so we are able to work collaboratively with each family about their child’s sleep, feeding stages, needs and play routines.

We enjoy keeping families informed of their child’s day through regular phone contact, sending of photos and messages, written daily reports of your child’s day and talking with families at the beginning and end of the day. We welcome all families into our room and look forward to providing you and your child with high quality care.


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