Junior Preschool

In the Junior Preschool Room, we provide a warm, friendly and stimulating care environment for children aged between 2 ½ and 3 ½ years.

Educators provide rich learning environments that encourage the group to explore, play and experiment and each individual child is extended through play and achievable challenges. The Junior Preschool program offers a range of learning activities that prepare children for a more structured preschool environment through the introduction of a curriculum based learning environment.

Our vision is that through play we can encourage children’s independence as well as continued learning and development. Self help skills are increased by incorporating children’s interests and planned experiences focus on individual, small and large group activities and build on children’s social skills, confidence and self esteem.

Children’s friendships and cooperative play skills are developing rapidly during this age and our educational programs use adult and peer interactions to scaffold children’s learning throughout all areas of development.

Junior Preschool

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